A man should look for what is and not for what he thinks should be.
- Albert Einstein

Happiness will never leave you when you know and understand the Real Truth about this Reality. (Only your problems will)

Words on this page have to be read, understood, experienced and given up.

No money can buy you this experience and I am sharing it with you absolutely for free!

If you are ready, you will understand what this page is about. If not, you will think I am crazy and leave it.

In fact, by looking at page statistics, only 1 out of 100 people reads my page till the very end, but here's what may happen if you get it:

"Do you think I have words to explain the experience ? The closest is only joy nothing else...some bursting excitement vibrant and glowing from inside out and from outside in" -Lidija

Funny fact: Gandhi said, “If you are a minority of one, the truth is still the truth.”.

Will you read it? Or will you let your mind dominate you again and be one of 99 out of 100?

truth: being in accord with fact or reality

The real truth unites people! It does not divide them. It makes sense, and it applies to everyone, everywhere, all of the time. It creates clarity, not confusion. The truth leads to real equality, freedom, peace, love and understanding. The real truth only asks you to believe in something you can check for yourself.

Sometimes people hold a core belief that is very strong. When they are presented with evidence that works against that belief, the new evidence cannot be accepted. It would create a feeling that is extremely uncomfortable, called cognitive dissonance. And because it is so important to protect the core belief, they will rationalize, ignore and even deny anything that doesn't fit in with the core belief. - Frantz Fanon

Cognitive dissonance:
Get to know these two words. It is the unseen enemy of mankind. It does more to cause war, crime and suffering than anything else,
 because it prevents people from learning and changing. If you are ready to overcome your cognitive dissonance and learn the truth of life, keep reading.

Funny fact: While you are reading this text, your mind will try to agree or disagree with what is said here. It will say something like "- It doesn't make any sense". Notice that these are only your thoughts - "mind chatter". While I'm speaking - your mind is speaking.

Don't listen to what society is telling you.

Don't listen to what science is telling you.

Don't listen to what your parents told you.

Don't listen to what this page is telling you.


And don't trust it blindly. Would you agree that your experience tells you that you are reading this text right now? That is a fact, right? That is not even a questionable fact because it is true. This is the quality of experience I'm referring to and ask you to trust.

1. Let's experience. Where are You, who is reading this text, located?

Yes, You.
You know I am speaking to You right now.

Where are You?

Once upon a time 20 people were asked a question - "From where you experience life"? (where are you?)  Take a look at some of the answers:

* In the heart area

* In my brain
* I am in my whole body
* Above my head
* In the place between my eyes

So which one describes you, or maybe you would answer something else?

The simple fact that different people are answering differently already sounds interesting, isn't it?

Let's stop believing for a while and experience where you really are right now at this very moment!

You know that YOU ARE because you are READING THIS TEXT, right?

You do not have to believe anything that is written here. You have to check it out by yourself otherwise it will fall as another belief.

So here's a very quick "attention exercise" for creating your own direct experience:


Step 1) Put your attention right now on all experiences that are happening with your body (breathing, your butt touching a chair, fingers touching your phone, jeans touching your skin, etc.). Take a look at all of them one by one.

Stop reading for a second until you do this.

Step 2) Answer this to yourself - from where you are experiencing all this? You know all these different experiences very well, you are looking at them right now. From where?

Step 3) Your mind will come up with some unique answers like I mentioned before. For example: "From between my eyes", "From above", "From my heart"...

Notice that you are looking at this thought (or knowing it) the same way you know your other experiences. It is its content that says some random location to make you believe again and forget this.

(Your mind will create images or stories and do everything it possibly can to stay "alive" and live as You)

But you are not your mind. You are aware of your thoughts. You're the one who sees them, right?

Step 4) See that whatever you experience: thoughts or your 5 senses (seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, touching) is not really you. You know it, you experience it, but if some experience ends, you don't end.

All your life that you know since your body was born on day 1 is a collection of different experiences through your body's 5 senses, thoughts, emotions and perhaps other experiences (even bliss).

Never in your life have you asked yourself who is experiencing all this or where is it.

Why? Because I-am-the-body-thought was created when you were around 1 or 2 years old.

It created a neuron structure in your brain called "I" making you identify and believe you are somewhere inside this body. 


2. Let's imagine for a minute that you are this chair

Already feel not comfortable or a bit awkward? Keep reading.

When you were just born, you didn't attach yourself to this body yet. You were everywhere and you were looking at things with wonder.

However, parents gave you a name and started pointing fingers to your body calling your body You. And because you were very open and didn't know things - you accepted it as your truth the same way you accept thing called tree as a tree. 

Here's another analogy from a beautiful movie called "The Sea That Thinks"

Once upon a time, there was a Sea...

Sea lived in a happy and natural state of wetness and waves...

One morning, out of the blue, sea thought she was a tree...

This idea lasted forever...

Sea was no longer happy...

So let's go back to this chair for a minute.

Imagine this scenario: 

You were born into this world and everyone believes they are chairs (you have a body yet you believe you are a chair). All industry is based on how to keep your chair safe and beautiful as it can be.

If your chair looks too big for you - for some price you can make it smaller...

If it's too brown - for some price you can make it look more like gold...

Now if someone comes and tells you - you (chair) are ugly - You feel sad...

If someone comes and breaks one of your (chair's) legs - You feel anger and thoughts come about revenge...

If your chair suddenly breaks apart - You feel you gonna die...

Now you may find this story funny or not. It doesn't matter.

But in reality - this is almost the same with your body.

There's a huge difference knowing that you experience life through this body as a drone
believing you are inside this drone.

If you are honest with yourself, come back to the 1st. exercise and become aware of all experiences that are happening right now at this moment.

Notice that you are simply aware of them.

Funny fact: All the time since you were a little kid, you live, think, act and perceive life through your I-am-the-body thought filter that you and society around you have created, making you believe it's REAL YOU.

Your parents didn't know the truth and they are not fault. Now you can experience it by yourself and end this vicious circle.

But first, will you trust it?

3. Big Evil Doctor who has a superpower

Let's play a little game.

Imagine you meet a very strong, big, evil doctor who has a superpower to steal people's senses.

If he attacks you by taking away your smell.

Would you be different? Or would you just experience everything without smell?

If he hits you with a magic wave that steals your taste.

Would you be different? Or would you experience life, but without smelling and tasting?

If he attacks you again and this time - you lose touch.

All that is left is hearing and seeing. Are you, who experiences it, the same?

Now he lands a big blast to you, you lose your power to see.

All you have left is hearing. There is only sound to experience. Nothing else.
Are you the same? (Sometimes when you really enjoy the music, you only hear the song and all the "outer-life" is gone. It's similar.)

Now at the final battle, he steals your hearing too together with your thoughts, emotions, and all other experiences that you may have: even intuition, bliss and sixth sense if you have one...

What is left? Nothing is left. Zero. Yet you are, right?!

The question comes. Do you disappear when the experience disappears? 

Check it out by yourself and trust your direct experience!

Taste something with your tongue and experience how it changes.

See something and close your eyes.

Hear something and notice how it fades away.

Smell something and instantly it goes.

Touch something. When you put your hand away - feeling disappears.

So did you disappear?

Could you disappear?

Or were you silently in the background of all experiencING ?

We can take it 1 step further.

Take a gap of a few seconds. Count to 10. Do a few sit-ups if you feel!
And check for yourself, have you changed?

Take it 2 steps further.

When your body goes to sleep every night. All experience goes. Are you still here?
If you are honest - you don't know. But it doesn't mean that you are not here.

Have you ever experienced yourself disappearing?
If the answer is yes, that would be just another experience that you know.

It is impossible to be conscious of being unconscious.

Take it 3 steps further.

Stretch it back before your body was born.

And stretch it forward after your body dies.

Do you go somewhere?

Now you know half of the truth. The next half can be answered by asking yourself this question:

If I don't know that I AM when my body is sleeping, how do I know that I AM when my body wakes up? 

If someone comes to you and says: - "Hey, you know, you don't exist" - you would say he's stupid.

It's not a questionable fact that YOU ARE and you are reading this text right now! Right?!

So here's the question again:

If I don't know that I AM when my body is sleeping, how do I know that I AM when my body wakes up? 

Got the answer?


4. Natural effortless stateless state

Funny fact: Since you've entered this page and up until now, you haven't changed or moved anywhere.

Did you put any effort to be yourself during that period?

Every practice you will do to understand or experience yourself is only important to realize that it doesn't work.

So what are the facts you can check and prove for yourself right at this moment?


* You are aware.


. . . . . . .

* You know you are aware.

. . . . . . .

* You are reading this text right now.

. . . . . . .

* You experience different things happening right now (bodily senses, thoughts, etc).

. . . . . . .

* When an experience ends, you don't end and don't change.

. . . . . . .

* You experience the beginning and the ending of an experience.

. . . . . . .

* Only your "knowing" makes an experience real. It is made of knowing. No matter what's the content (good or bad).

. . . . . . .

* No thought, emotion, fear, pain or depression can touch you or harm you (you were before it appeared and will be after the experience ends).

. . . . . . .

* All you can call Life and all your memories are made of different experiences only.

. . . . . . .

* Life is always changing every moment. Your body and your character too.

. . . . . . .

* There is only one thing that has never changed and that is the real you.

. . . . . . .

* Life is like a movie and you are like The Screen who allows everything to appear on it.

. . . . . . .

* Your mortal-mind-self is your identification with your character in the movie.

. . . . . . .

* Whatever is confused right now is your mind, and not the real you. You are aware of it.

. . . . . . .

So the questions come (I recommend to read them slowly and stay a bit with each one):

Could the movie be played without The Screen?

Is it possible for the movie content to harm The Screen?

When the movie ends, what happens to The Screen?

Is The Screen somehow separate from the movie and its content?

What effort does The Screen need to be what it is and allow the movie to play?

If you hear a bird singing outside - do you put any effort to hear it?

If you understood what it sings, it would be like: "Hey, I know this sound, therefore it exists and it is my very own self. It is what is playing right now in the movie and it is life itself. I hear it, therefore I AM."

I'm just kidding about the lyrics but I just want to make a point.

You are whatever hears the bird and you are that bird!


Funny fact: What could you say about the world if you don't name whatever you experience? ("You" is the word, "Hearing" is the word, "World" is the word and "bird" is the word that comes with language)

No effort is needed to be yourself.

Your mind uses effort and is going crazy trying to understand what this page is about.

You are knowing your thoughts without any effort and you are these thoughts at the same time.

Super funny fact: There is only you (or to be more correct - I). 

The Screen + The Movie is ONE SELF and that is REALITY or LIFE itself.

In other words: The Seer (Real You) + What is Seen (Experience) = ONE.

Actually, even One is too much!
Counting starts with One, Two, Three...

Simply remove the counting and what is left?

Nothing in the universe is separate from you and it cannot be because whatever is experienced is not separate from you, who experiences it.

Why? Because whatever you experience right now is your very own face which says I AM.

Just Look Around! Whatever you experience now is how you really look like (including your body but not limited to only your body). This is your face. It just is. Effortlessly.

There's no other entity to say it's bad or good, beautiful or ugly - just your limited thoughts.

Funny Fact: The writer of this text and the one who reads it is the same I.

Every killer and every saint in the universe is your very own self. Everyone knows that THEY ARE (or to be more correct - "I AM") and this knowing is who you really are. It is universal and applies to every being that is.

You see through every being's eyes.

Each being has a different body and a different mind therefore we think we are separate from each other. However the consciousness who experiences itself through these bodies is the same - one thing - one source - one consciousness. There's only one thing going on and that is the real truth about life. You are life itself.

If you live your life knowing you are consciousness, you see everything as consciousness, every experience is your beautiful infinite face. Every being you meet is an unique expression of yourself. That's where you meet unconditional love.

If you live your life as a separate self (mortal and limited mind-self, I-am-the-body thought), you experience life as a bunch of different objects that you may or may not like. Therefore you always resist to what is present and that creates an illusion of suffering what actually is a gang of thoughts that say "I hate this and that".

Funny fact: Even when suffering is happening - it is all created in your mind. You are not really suffering. You are like the Sun shining your light on a very creative Drama Theatre.

5. Breaking your Time & Space belief

You've read so much text yet no time has passed because there is only NOW.


 Prove it for yourself and trust your direct experience:

Have you ever been in the past or in the future?
(Thoughts with stories about the past or future doesn't count because they are happening NOW also)
The same applies to dreams and visions.

Could you somehow go to the past or to the future? Try it.
If you can't, face the fact that it is only NOW which is eternal and motionless.

Funny fact: Calculate if you can, how fast is "The Now" going?

Life would not make sense if your mind would not put these "Now frames" into a story.
It's amazing that it works like that, however believing past and future creates thoughts about past or future and by thinking stories you are missing the true life that is happening ONLY NOW!

The more you are open to the present moment, the more happiness and fulfilment you feel.

Funny fact: If you go shopping you are not moving anywhere (your body in this 3D world movie goes, but not you, who is aware of it).

Reality of space is mostly believed by seeing objects, empty space around them and distance from each other and from you.

This belief can be easily broken if you put your attention from an object that you see, to the experience of seeing alone. And how far away this experience of seeing is from yourself?

You are reading this text on your mobile or laptop screen. White background (space) and black letters (objects) are one screen - one thing. It's all one movie even if it's about space travel. 

When you know yourself who you are, objects go too. Everything that you experience is yourself. No distance.

Funny fact: People who travel to the mountains to meditate or meet some guru in another part of the world do not realize they do not move at all. They are like spiritual action movie stars on a quest finding TV screen that is playing their movie.

My name is Rytis and this is my short story :)

Rytis means "morning" and it happened that I got this name. All my life since I was a little baby I thought I am this Rytis who is inside this body but I was so stupid that I didn't question this idea. I just took this idea for granted.

So I had been living my life knowing deep inside that something is not right, that there should be more to life than I see now. I couldn't believe that people are born, they go to school, they go to work, they create a family and they die unhappy. And that's it?

After 200 years no one will remember them and what they did. What's the point, I thought?

So after 22 years of living in this crazy world as a super selfish not-loving person, I realized that nothing that I did or achieved would give me happiness that lasts for more than a few minutes. 

Then the question came up: "Why this Dalai Lama guy is always smiling and looks happy and others are not?"

I started seeking - reading about awakening and enlightenment everything I could to get my fingers on it as fast as possible.

I started listening to gurus, online satsangs, even went to a few satsangs where the so called "enlightened person" shares his wisdom with others. 

I knew that it is the golden prize of life and it is what I want to learn and become but it was hard to grasp what they were talking about. Even when I thought I got it - it was not true because it was just another experience that ended after a few minutes. Enlightenment became my ultimate goal of life. I could literally die for it, give away all the money I had, give away everything...

And then it happened - For the first time ever I saw a clear "distance" from myself and my thought that said: "I want to be enlightened". All this time I was so believing with all my heart that it was the real me. I was looking at this thought and started to laugh and laugh and laugh. I realized that my thoughts that started with words "I" or "my" made me believe that it's about me and they looked important... My whole life was based on these thoughts!

1st exercise on this page is just how I saw it the first time too. Come back and do it again if you need!

From that moment on, my life and old belief patterns began to clear up.

I see it as a never-ending journey which is happening NOW where you just re-learn to live above the clouds and not in the clouds.

It's so simple yet it's the most powerful thing that can happen to a human being. Letting go of your selfish mind-self and starting to live as truth that you really are without any effort.

Let me give you a visual example to better understand my "journey home".

A few people said that I look happier on the first picture. Here's what I could say about it:

I was so selfish and egoistic person that I couldn't possibly put any pictures on the internet where I absolutely not love how I look knowing that others will see it, like it, comment it.

I was so sleeping without even knowing it. I hurt so many people (especially women). There was not a single clue what is life or had any respect for it. I wanted everything better, faster, cooler than others. I felt so much anger that I would express it on others who did something I didn't like and I totally didn't care. Nothing made me happy for more than a few minutes and I was always seeking for more. Always knowing I'm better than others.

To all the women that I hurt before: You are Infinite Divine Love Angel Beings. I didn't know that before but now I know...

When I realized who I am, my body changed a lot. And it keeps changing every day.

It transforms and becomes lighter and way more beautiful (at least to myself).

And changes happen not only to the body... To the style too! :D
(You don't need to prove yourself to anyone and you feel free to wear and do whatever you like. Even walk barefoot if you like - why not?)

No skin care product can do to your body what the truth can do.

I'm curious how it will transform later because it is just a beginning.

Awakening is the Beginning and the End at the same time.

My mind (Rytis'ness) and identification with the body is still semi-active but every day it gets smaller... and smaller... and smaller... Life will never be the same and it takes just a split second to see the truth.

This page was created as my Gift to You. In other words: Life shares understanding with itself and is calling itself to wake up.

All my life as this being named Rytis, I feel called to teach others. However many times there was a conflict inside between the Teaching that made me better than others and Natural wanting to share from love.

And just recently I realized the difference:

True teacher should not keep anything to himself that makes him better or more special than his students. 

When you share and give away everything - the teacher is gone, the students are gone and the teaching is gone.

Actually, there's no Teaching.

What is left is just Sharing and Love - just as we breathe and share the same air when our bodies are close to each other.

When you breathe in and hold it - you lose your breath. When you breathe out - it comes back to you.

By saying that I want to share my life with you, my love with you and my wisdom with you...

I will share this truth until I can because for me it's the highest joy possible!

And that is the reason this page is free. Because you are it. You are the truth. I could not possibly ask your money to show you yourself because it's not a service to gain something.

You simply give up what you are not.

However, it would be amazing if you can help me cover advertising and page costs.
(This message will reach more people just as it reached you")

Final words and what to do now?

There's a reason why you cannot find a center from where you experience life.
You always stand in the center!

And there's a reason you cannot find yourself who is seeing (The Seer).
You are always looking away from yourself!

Just like this flashlight:

All you can say about yourself is that you know for sure that you are and you are reading this text.

You are self-aware.

You are like the Sun shining from yourself and it is not possible to experience yourself. You can only be yourself. Even that is not right because you are always yourself. You were before this body appeared and you will be after it goes. No experience can touch you, harm you or change you in any way.

Names, forms, shapes and colors (in all dimensions) exist as your own infinite face. This is how you know yourself. This is the purpose of life - to experience yourself and be knowingly who you are.

Whatever happens in life is just a play of the universe.

Every new experience is a consequence of a previous one.

Who controls the wind to blow south or north today?

Everything just happens. Things happen as they happen.

You receive life and reflect it back without any effort.

Nothing is personal and you don't need to worry about anything when you understand it.

You were present when you, as a baby, for the first time opened your little cute eyes.

You were present to experience your first breath.

You are present to experience your body falling asleep.

You are present to experience your dream appearances.

You are present to experience the ending of that dream.

You are present to experience when the body wakes up from sleep.

You are present to experience when your false-mind-self creates a personal thought by taking the credits and saying something like "I was dreaming a lot this night"

You will be present when your body gets old and dies.

You will be present to experience whatever happens afterwards and no time will pass till your next appearance even if 1000 years will pass on Earth.

Just when you close your eyes and fall asleep in your bed every night, and if you don't dream, the very next moment you know is when you open your eyes. You don't know how many hours have passed until you look, do you?

Why? Because your mind creates time and it is not present when your body is sleeping. World is gone. Friends are gone. Lover is gone. Problems are gone.

You are simply enjoying yourself. That's why you love sleep so much. You want to "take a break" from your mind.

Funny fact: Experience has no age and it is timeless. It is always new and fresh, every moment the Reality is recreated again and again and again. Therefore, you are not XX years old as you think yourself to be. How old are you when you're dreaming?

THE REAL YOU don't have a name and it cannot be named because language comes after to name what is experienced.

What does the experiencing cannot be experienced or named.

However, for the practical purposes to explain the truth, people use these names to describe it: Consciousness, Absolute, Truth, Awareness, Higher-Self, Peace, Happiness, Freedom, God, Nothing, Void, Omnipresence, The Divine, Pure knowing, Silence, Background, Spirit...

Funny fact: It is interesting that the word "nowhere" is also "now here."

You may think the mind is more powerful than the spirit, and you would be right, except that the spirit does not need power to do something. It is already everywhere so the spirit could be seen as the ultimate power; it is simply what is. The spirit is the only thing in the universe that requires no energy to exist. The mind is aggressive. The spirit is passive.

After reading this text you may want to do something to stay in this understanding. See that it is your aggressive mind that wants to dominate you and change something again. When you simply don't believe your thoughts and don't touch them anymore - you are free. Know yourself as nothing and feel yourself as everything... Be knowingly the Silence that you always are.

And I leave you with this excerpt from the movie "Waking Life"

- What are you writing?
- A novel.

- What's the story? 
- There's no story. It's just...
... people, gestures, moments.
Bits of rapture. Fleeting emotions.
In short...
The greatest stories ever told.

- Are you in the story?
- I don't think so.
But then I'm kind of reading it and then writing it.

My dear brother or sister, that is the Truth. 

I would recommend reading this page again as many times as you need to understand it with every cell of your immortal being, experience it and then give up.

Please share this page with as many people as possible. 

Url is very simple to remember: www.Rytis.one

The more people become conscious of who they are, the more amazing planet to live our Mother Earth will be.

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I will spend my life with this body sharing infinite love and wisdom with all beings in the universe.

 Enter your name and your best email below and Welcome Home! <3

Last funny fact: You've never left home. Unconsciously you were always awake and aware of your real immortal self. However, experientially, being awake and not knowing it consciously is the same as not being awake.

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