It only takes a split second to see who you really are, yet almost nobody in their entire life asks this question.

The question is: Who is reading this text?

And here's an unexpected answer: You are!

However, never in your life have you asked yourself where this being called "I" or "me" is.

* * * * * * *

Probably, you believe you are somewhere inside your body. Most people believe they are inside their heart (that pumps blood), in the point between their eyes, or in the brain.

This is a bit awkward (and it was for me too) because your whole life you live, act, think and perceive things from the point of view of your imaginative-self.

In short: You live as a beggar when you really are The King. You simply don't know it yet.

* * * * * * *

Let me explain very quick the "progress" of our age human being:

1. First you go on a material journey and do your career and earn money. 

2. You see and understand that nothing material will ever make you really happy.
Permanent Happiness seems to be missing somewhere. 
Big fear of losing what you achieved is waiting for you around the corner.

3. Then you drop materialism and go on a spiritual journey.

4. After some time, hopefully, you see that it won't get you anywhere either. 
Even there Happiness is still missing and now you have spiritual problems to deal with.
(Many people are lost in a spiritual drama.)

5. Then (after trying everything) you finally look back inside yourself and question who is this "I" who is unhappy.

6. You see that, actually, there is no such thing and it was just a thought that you mistakenly believed yourself to be.
(Often people need help from someone, who's already travelled this path, to be able to see it.)

7. And there you recognize your true self.

By saying that, it doesn't matter if you are a material or a spiritual person. Deep inside you seek the same - permanent happiness and peace no matter what happens.

Knowingly or unknowingly, that is the highest purpose of every human being.

* * * * * * *

Words on my page have to be read, understood, experienced and given up.

Every human being on this planet has a potential to wake up at any given moment...

By saying that, you are reading this page because, probably, you are ready.

There is only Self, yet we don't remember that and experience life as separate individual beings.

* * * * * * *

Content on this site is based on my (Rytis) experience through a lot of suffering and seeking.

The more people on Earth know the truth, the better and more amazing planet to live it will be.

Every being is connected to one source, therefore, every change and realization counts to all of us.

The best thing you can do about it is to realize who you are first and then share it with others as much as possible simply by shining Reality through your being. 

May you be guided by infinite love and wisdom that you possess.

And I bid you a good day!

P.S. If I somehow used your copyrighted images. Please contact me here and i will change them. However, before doing that, please read what this page is about if you have a minute or two and you may change your mind. :) 


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Value The Truth? Then "Like" my page!

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