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Q: "What happens to our consciousness or awareness in case of severe brain damage? In a situation like that it is hard to say that our awareness is outside of us, isn't it?"

A: "Good question. To start with. Consciousness (or awareness) is not outside of you. It is You. It is not in the body - the body is an empty vehicle or avatar if you will. The body appears inside yourself for yourself to experience this 3rd dimension and its rules like gravity, pain, etc. The same way when you dream you may have a different body and experience another dimension.

You, consciousness, play with it like with your character in the game. If something happens to your character in the game, what happens to you?

Well, nothing happens to you because you are not in the game. However, your experience changes according to what happened to the body. If you are blind - you just don't have this experience of seeing. If you get hurt and you got your body brain damaged - well you may not remember things very well or lose your memory. And your further playing experience will be just a bit different than before."

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Q: "If we all are one with everything, why is there a need to experience the third dimension, where we get a body which is essentially separate from the others. Why do we need to go through this separation and segregation if the ultimate goal is to become one with everything? How come there are too many divisions, even and mostly in religious beliefs, what's the idea?

A: "In 3rd dimension, "God" can forget that he is "God" and that makes an ultimate theatre of drama with good or bad guys as you see what we have now. ;) Actually there's no right answer for your why
Why not? Could be the answer.

Imagine you can create everything and experience everything you desire. After some time you would be tired of it and would love some unknowing to come to make it more interesting and spontaneous. 

Therefore your body is born on Earth and doesn't know anything. Society and your parents tell you that you are an entity inside your body and you believe it. You live your life and act according to your belief. You experience all different things and yet no matter what you achieve - nothing completely fulfils you and it seems that peace and happiness are lost somewhere, right?

So you first go on a material journey and do your career and earn money. You see that nothing material will ever make you happy.

Then you drop materialism and go on a spiritual journey. After some time hopefully, you see that it won't get you anywhere either. (Many people are lost there.)

Then you look back at yourself and find who is this "I" who is unhappy.
You see there's no such thing and it was just a thought that you believed it was the real you.

And there you remember (or to be more correct - notice) your true self that you always were.

Time, Space, Birth, Death are just concepts for you, as Consciousness, to experience yourself as limited-mind-mortal-self.

They are true and practical from the point of view of your body and mind. But not from the point of view of You. 

I'd say it's a pretty cool thing to act so well that you even forget you're acting.

You are whatever is reading this text right now and you are not located in your body my friend."

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