I want to share with you a little secret about my awakening experience.

I would put my journey into 3 phases:

1. Understanding these concepts, watching videos, satsangs, reading non-dual books, seeking (A LOT)

2. Seeing a clear distance from me and my thoughts for the first time in my life; I clearly saw that this personal "I", who I was thinking myself to be was just a thought that started with this word "I" (First awakening)

3. Clearing up time! Grounding this understanding, letting go old patterns and beliefs, re-learning to live in a new way that I couldn't possibly imagined before (Living as the Truth)

To understand this better, let me tell you a quick analogy:

There was a beautiful town square with many tourists coming and going through.

After some time, many many pigeons started to appear and hang out in that place.

Tourists loved them so they started feeding them with their food, even went to the local shop nearby to buy some bread for these little guys...

Even more pigeons came from other towns because they knew "this place was Good"!

If you look at this story now, it's beautiful, right?

Well NOT for the town people!

These pigeons "super pooped" all this town square and it became very messy for people to enjoy.

So after a while, people decided and put a sign that whoever feeds a pigeon, has to pay 30 Euro.

Tourists, of course, didn't want to feed them anymore and without getting enough food, pigeons started to slowly disappear from the town square.

After a few days, no more pigeons! 

Town square was cleaned up, looked nice again and people were super happy about this.

This is how your thoughts work!

They are little cute pigeons who are appearing if you are interested in their content.

When you feel a clear distance from the Real you and your thoughts (the little voice who is speaking as you) they become not important to you. Meaning - NO MORE FOOD FOR PIGEONS.

Every thought that appears requires your attention and energy to exist, if you don't follow what they say - they appear less and less.

So more and more clarity and space without thinking appears - simple happy being starts to shine. (AWESOME!)

Even if a thought starts with "My" or "I", you laugh from it, literally! Your thoughts are super creative and you can enjoy how awkward they come sometimes. BUT BELIEVING THEY ARE ABOUT YOU IS CRAZY!

For example "He's more loving and open than me, maybe one day i will become like he is"

If you believe it, right away you move your happiness to the future and you position yourself not good enough. So the next thought comes saying that you need to do something to become betteronly because you believed the first thought! It's a consequence, see?

I cannot remember how my life was when I didn't see this, but it's impossible to be happy in this way.

Either you laugh from your thoughts, or your thoughts laugh from you!

Investigate your thoughts WITHOUT TOUCHING THEM, as many as you can, feel the distance from you and your thoughts and they will appear less and less. This is the first step to ground your being in timeless presence. 

Notice that every thought is made of the same "stuff" no matter what good or bad things it says.

At that moment you are in enlightened duality, but still - duality. You and your thoughts, right? :)

Second step (what helped me) is to understand that, oh boy, awakening is just the very beginning.

I feel that only now I am finally starting to live a normal life as a Real Human Being.

I kind-of-knew myself, but the package from my past was HUGE; All the childhood traumas, limiting beliefs, relationships, energy blocks - everything was centered around an idea of "Me" that was not real!

So it started to come out to the surface day after day... (from the depths of the ocean where Titanic is). :)

Experientially, it was hell and only now, after a little bit more than a year, it's getting lighter...Only now huge blissful clarity starts to come! 

I see it as a never-ending journey which is happening NOW where you just re-learn to live above the clouds and not in the clouds.

If you think enlightenment is peaceful and blissful, you are so wrong. It's a spiritual 'bs' that everything is love and light... It's just a fake mask. It's not real. (Many people are trapped there. I was too!)

Don't get me wrong, how you see things after is worth it, but you have to go through your own Hell first. Realize that you have to upgrade yourself to another dimension. There's no easy way.

Still want to go into the unknown..? :)

That's why I am able to write these texts and update them often according to what I feel. I'm clearing up and I even started to eat Fruitarian diet (only raw fruits and raw vegetables) because my body feels this way and there's no conflict.

Body, Mind and Spirit started to learn how to work together in a very amazing way...

What really helped me on my journey to "drive really fast" is this:

During the time after my first awakening, I had a few paid awakening clarity sessions with one "friendly guru being" who helped me a lot to clear my "I" beliefs and answered hundreds of my crazy questions.

(I was thinking before that asking for money for awakening sessions is not pure or spiritual...It was just my belief that says something like "making money from killing animals - OK", "making money for doing what you absolutely love and spreading the truth - NOT OK")

If your understanding is not grounded, it's super easy to get lost in the world of illusions again.

It's a little bit different, but nothing really changes experientially if, by knowing the truth, you don't investigate your own thoughts and beliefs.

By saying that, I feel to do the same as he did to me and I want to help you with your journey as much as I can.

That is my life purpose to share my infinite being and love with those who are in need...

Every human being on this planet has a potential to wake up at any given moment...

Come wake up & clear up your old patterns with me. I'm here to guide you Home.

I LOVE doing this and I LOVE seeing this bursting Cosmic joy...

* * * * * * *

If you are ready to give up your mind, let's do a Skype Session together.

This is how I love to do it. I use one of the best tools of our age - internet.

One session with me (Rytis) takes about 60 minutes (Up to 1.5 hour)

It is done on Skype (You have to install it if you don't use it yet)

During our call, you can ask as many questions as you want!
Or we can simply sit in Silence and just be.

* * * * * * *

At first, I offered these awakening clarity sessions for free, however, I discovered that the quality of free VS paid session is very different.

A monetary payment from your heart makes our session more alive, energetic and beautiful. If you've ever taught something for free, you know what I mean.

60 Minutes Awakening Clarity Session - Today Only $99.

(This is how I value my time right now)

* * * * * * *

"Do you think I have words to explain the experience ? The closest is only joy nothing else...some bursting excitement vibrant and glowing from inside out and from outside in" -Lidija

"Awesome..jaw dropping realization I'm having right now. Thank you Rytis. I love you my other self" - Sheila

With every new realization during our session, the Cosmic Laughter comes and invites you for a dance.
(Many times!)

* * * * * * *

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